Writing Through the Lens

Writing Through the Lens

celebrating writing and writers

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect. Anaïs Nin

On Home by Becca Spence Dobias

Interview with Becca Spence Dobias!

Writing Through the Lens
Celebrating Writing and Writers
Featuring New Author: Becca Spence Dobias!


Crossing the Bridge to Terabithia

An Interview with Katherine Paterson “I got a very touching letter from a man who was a college student and his best friend had been killed over the holidays. He was so devastated that he went home and dug out his old copy of Bridge to Terabithia and read it again. He just wanted me…

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Setting Out Upon the Starless Sea

Having just read Erin Morgenstern’s epic tale, The Starless Sea, my head is buzzing with the magic of stories and books, and the worlds that open up to us through them.