Setting Out Upon the Starless Sea

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Having just read Erin Morgenstern’s epic tale, The Starless Sea, my head is buzzing with the magic of stories and books, and the worlds that open up to us through them.

a paper star that has been unfolded and refolded into a tiny unicorn but the unicorn remembers the time when it was a star and an earlier time when it was part of a book, and sometimes the unicorn dreams of the time before it was a book, when it was a tree and the time even longer before that when it was a different sort of star

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

A place to celebrate

Books are surely one of the wonders of the world. That special book that sends its characters home with you when you place the bookmark to mark your place and reluctantly put the book down. The one that makes the characters into friends and when you cannot steal time away to check in on them, you wonder how they’re doing. The story that finds you rushing back to the book because you must know.

This website is a place to celebrate imagination, creation, words, paragraphs, and even punctuation. Especially punctuation. A place to celebrate the craft of writing and to celebrate those crafty writers.

Who doesn’t want to peer into the mind of a writer?

I hope the interviews and articles I post here will help readers to gain a glimpse of what is behind some of the well known stories you’ve read and what is in the minds of those who may be new to you. Whether accomplished or aspiring, each of us carries stories with us throughout our lifetime. This is a place to mine those stories and perhaps call them forth into the world.

Let us begin with Erin Morgenstern, author of the NY Bestseller, The Night Circus. Here she is talking with Sarah Wilson from Amazon about her sophomore book, The Starless Sea. Enjoy!

Erin Morgenstern is an American multimedia artist and the author of two fantasy novels. The Night Circus was published in more than a dozen languages by 2013 and won the annual Locus Award for Best First Novel. She is a 2012 recipient of an Alex Award. Her second book, The Starless Sea, was published in 2019.


Erin Morgenstern is interviewed by Sarah Wilson from Amazon about her newest book, The Starless Sea:

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